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Additional New York jewelry designers joined Noi

Since we opened our store, new designers joined us one after another, and Noi, a home for unique artists, has grown into a big family! We recently welcomed additional New York jewelry designers; ambergris jewelry and MissFITs!

Do you know what ambergris is? Ambergris is an aromatic substance for a perfume that is produced in a digestive system of sperm whales. ambergris jewelry was named after this romantic nature creation. This talented jewelry designer had a successful career as a fashion stylist in Japan before she established her jewelry brand. Her unconventional designs have always been drawing attentions from international leading magazines. Her innovative and wearable piece truly catches a lot of attentions from all gender and generation. If you haven’t checked her jewelry yet, we’d have to say you are missing a lot. Some of her collections are available online! Don’t forget to visit our online store!

Another New York based jewelry designer Veronica Ledovsky who made successful debut with her jewelry brand MissFITs at Grand Central Holiday Market in 2012 right after her graduation from FIT has also joined our team! Yes, some of you already know that the fair we also participated at! That’s where we found her beautiful jewelry. The designer Veronica brings her design into life by mixing two opposite ideas such as geometric and organic, natural and synthetic, and sparkling and distressed. She is a winner of the Mattel design competition, and a featured designer for palladium promotion in Harper’s Bazaar US and UK. Her collection is also available at our store!

Besides jewelry, we have a new summer hat collection by Jacquline Lamont, and colorful scarves from India. These silk and cotton combined scarves are super light and soft, and perfect for pairing up with your summer outfits to add a splash of color.

At last but not least, we also have new arrivals from Any New York jewelry at our online store. Many of the beloved pieces from Any New York jewelry are now within your reach through our online store. Please check them out at our New Arrivals section.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Did you notice ‘Mother’s Day’ is less than two weeks away?Along with the arrival of new season, we have just received the new collections from multiple designers that we would like you to come visit us for the sneak peek!!

You don’t live in NY? Not a problem! You can still purchase our jewelry at our online store.

Noi online store: www.noi-ny.com/store

Be sure and follow us on Facebook, Instergram, or Google+ for more updated information! We started sharing pictures on our Facebook page of our customers wearing our jewelry. It will give you some ideas how it would look like on yourself or her! Check it out!

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New Arrivals -pashmina scarves from India-

Limited Time Sales Event: Genuine Pashmina Scarves from India


For a limited time and while supplies last, we now carry limited number of 100% authentic pashmina scarves directly imported from India. These are all hand­woven from the rare fibers that are collected from high mountain goats using their throat part only (which results in higher heat retention and ultra­light weight), and only those passed the strict quality control tests at the artisans’ studio were delivered to our Lower East Side store. They are incredibly comfortable and great for all seasons and everyday wear, stop by at our store today and try them out yourself!

Also, we added more pieces from some of the most popular collections by Bruml Design and Kimberlin Brown Jewelry to our online store. Many of these are inspired by nature, carrying raw and organic flavor that you can certainly enjoy for everyday wear! They come in materials such as sterling silver, gold, and semi­precious gems. From any new york, the popular bar necklace and studs from the Ripple Series are now available at our online store also, be sure to check them out at our “New Arrivals” section on http://www.noi-ny.com/store/, and please “Like” our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Noi/308290362567202 to receive more updates from us!