any new york

any new york

by naoyo, jewelry designer

introduced by lucky magazine as one of the designers of 2008, naoyo terada began her journey of jewelry making at the fashion institute of technology new york in 1999. soon after completing her degree, she started interning at jeff cooper, a leading bridal jewelry company. on a whim, she submitted her work into the women's jewelry association's diva design competition and won. however the true reward of this experience was gaining the confidence necessary to establish her own brand, in 2003, any new york.

the collections have continued to evolve with every season. despite the growing demand for her creations, naoyo remains true to her heart and continues to blur the line between art and jewelry. naoyo currently lives and works in nyc while continuing to draw inspiration from the organic. the balance between her urban environment and natural surroundings, in which she was raised, set the foundation of her design philosophy. she incorporates delicate details to every piece, with a warm and playful spirit, attaining intricacy and timelessness.

her distinct vision can be seen in the series 'lava' and 'vine.' every piece from these collections is created by melting or infusing raw material. this process requires exceptional hand skill and intense focus. using her polished sense of design, naoyo's jewelry evokes a 'couture' feeling for those people seeking a special piece to add to their collections. with a decade of hands-on experience, naoyo has truly made her mark and continues to create with an open mind.
joe joaquin caussell

joe "joaquin" claussell

dj / music producer

since early 2000, joe has been constantly playing all over the world, remixing, producing, and branching out into other genres of the art world. for people who want a deep introspective music journey to the soul - joe's shows are a rare and coveted opportunity. his ability to connect with people who share his passion for the rhythms of life through a higher universal language keeps people listening, dancing and evolving. he creates and produces music is a mixture of organic african, brazilian, latin and middle eastern rhythms crossing over into disco, jazz, house, and electronic.

joe "joaquin" claussell was born in brooklyn to a large and diverse puerto rican family with deep musical roots. throughout his life, music was joe's shelter, family, food, comfort, escape and love. joe hit the club and began collecting vinyl at the age of 15, and from there his passion for music and dance led him from disco inferno to cbgbs, the alternative mudd club, the more mainstream underground, and the legendary paradise garage.

joe's music career began in the early 90s at the east village store dance tracks, where he started as the stores dj, moved into music production with his first remix "over" and his first track "awade," and eventually became the owner of the store. in 1996 joe launched his independent eclectic world house label "spiritual life music" from the back of dance tracks, and around the same time started "ibadan records" with a friend. the labels' productions are fluid - with organic african, brazilian, latin and middle eastern rhythms crossing over into disco, jazz, house, and electronic. he is intricately involved in every aspect of the production process: the music, writing, selection or creation of the visual art, and graphic design. under his labels he has nourished and produced fledgling artists: his first release was "nothing's changed" by ten city, followed by works from jephté guillaume, mateo & matos, slam mode, and three generations walking. his own first full-length album was "language." great artists and record labels have sought him out for collaboration and remixes of works by femi kuti, herbie hanckock, beth orton, cassandra wilson, diana ross, and manuel göttschin to name a few. his remixes have revived classics such as hector lavoe's classic "alejate;" nina simone's " feeling good;" and cesoria evora's "sangue de beirona."

also in 1996, joe claussell joined danny krivit and francois k to play for the legendary "body & soul" sunday afternoon dance party. for 6 years, music and dance lovers from nyc and around the world came every week religiously to experience the totally unique musical journey of classic, world, soul, disco, funk, and house. the tracks are brought to an infinitely higher level by the synergy of each dj's unique live performance artistry with the energy of the incredible creative and conscious crowd.
michael anchin

jacqueline lamont

hat designer

born in manchester, england and raised in new york, lamont studied architecture and interior design at pratt institute and graduated in fashion design from the fashion institute of technology. jacqueline was taught by janine galiamard -an old school french milliner who had made hats for balenciaga- all the rules of making a great hat. that experience gave her the confidence to start her own millinery collection "lamont tartan". the tartan is woven in the highlands of scotland, and has become a fabric staple in the collection!

jacqueline creates hats for men and women to feel confident, beautiful and strong. she designs strikingly elegant hats that are appropriate for everyday wear. to achieve this she uses interesting combinations of fabric and design that make the hats contemporary, so as not to intimidate people who do not usually wear hats every day. a strong believer that everyone can look great in a hat, once they find the right one, her goal is to make a hat the essential accessory for the well-dressed woman and man, the next "sexy accessory".

people who've initially been drawn to them are usually in the arts, entertainment and fashion worlds. they tend to be a bit more cutting edge and adventurous, jacqueline's hats have been featured in elle, essence, vogue, ny times, w and wwd plus many more. she has done private label collections for burberry and j.crew. she has also created hats for numerous music videos and has worked privately with and for many different artists including, ms. lauryn hill and mr. wyclef jean. her hats have been featured on the today show and were a part of the wardrobe for a few soap operas. articles on the designer have appeared in numerous american, asian, caribbean and european, publications. in a true testament to her talents, jacqueline lamont's hats were featured in the philadelphia museum of art's retrospective" ahead of fashion: hats of the 20th century", where a special section of her custom hats were sold. she was also featured in the book "a century of hats". her hats are prized possessions of alicia keys, cindy crawford, eva mendes, gwen stefani, janet jackson, jessica simpson, and mary j. blige; to name a few.

jacqueline currently teaches part time at her alma mater pratt institute.
michael anchin

michael anchin


michael got his start in glass blowing at a school on mulberry street in manhattan in the 1980's. from 1987 to 1993 hired many of his teachers, extremely talented glassblowers, as assistants to help him produce over 100,000 long neck beach glass vases that were sold all over the world. then, for the next 11 years, he produced a wide range of vases, bowls, glasses, and lighting for sale at his own store on elizabeth street as well as producing work for other stores across the country. he also works with decorators to produce custom collections for their interior design clients.

michael blows very colorful, organically shaped vessels in classic forms that seem natural to the material. his work shows off the glass's liquid nature and it's ability to allow light to pass through it and allow our eyes to see very pure color in natural form.

every piece of glass is a unique piece of artwork made individually and signed by the artist. from 2000 degree hot molten liquid glass and color made from real earth minerals.