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Un​.​Chained Rhythums Part 1 CD by Joaquin “Joe” Claussell

Called upon by the passion and lust of two souls connecting freely, my spirit was summoned from the other side, leaving behing both the body of matter that once roamed, and the physical being that my spirit once occupied. Milliseconds before my departure, if only for an instant, my eyelids became weighty and darkness consumed my vision. I felt called by the echoes of sound that a new beginning was upon me. My baggage consisted only of negative actions that needed redeeming, and the lineage of thoughts questions that continued to be left unanswered: who was I in my past life? Strangely, I had no recollection of the physical form my spirit once possessed — within the exception of scenes reenacted in dreams — though I do remember my flight, and the showers of rhythms that accompanied me on my voyage to the next world.

1. Creation
2. Orgasm
3. Fertilization (The Beginning)
4. Birth
5. Life
6. Darkness
7. The Cosmic Forest
8. Angel In The Woods
9. Bahian Trance – Bira Reiss
10. Children Underground
11. Maringa
12. Water
13. Tears for Chiyo
14. The River People
15. The Swamp
16. The Sun, The Moon, Our Souls
17. Childen From Bahia
18. Then All Of A Sudden This
19. The Search Begins
20. Egbe Awon Okunrin
21. Metal Jinga
22. Another Doorway
23. Thank You Universe
24. What Fate Has Installed For Us All
25. A Different Language
26. Mafungo

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