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Co​.​Responding Echoe​.​S CD by Joaquin Joe Claussell

Directed by Joaquin “Joe” Claussell for Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts Inc.

1. Alpha Centauri
2. Homage To The Sacred Ones Before Us
3. Omamiuda
4. Bahian Trance (Kora)
5. Beyond Hope
6. Thank You Universe
7. Rezo De Yemaya
8. Agua Caluroso
9. Middle Eastern Blues (Echoes Of Chaos)
10. Autumn Prayer
11. Medieval Presence (The Day After 9/11 01)
12. Cosmic Approach
13. Egbe Awon Okunrin (African Blood Version)
14. Land Of The Peaceful (Again, But With Hope)
15. The Sun, The Moon, Our Souls (Cosmic Ritual Version)

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