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Un​.​Chained Rhythums Part 2 CD by Joaquin Joe Claussell

…from the car horn that coincidently sounded off in sync with the jackhammer creating a rhythm section, to the fire engine sirens that seem to hit the same note as the sound of the bus that just passed you by; from the melodies derived from that collaboration with the wind, to the biorhythms that became our life line for the nine months within our mothers belly; they are all part of the multitude of Unchained Rhythms: the Harmonies and Melodies of the Universe.

1. Slave Ship To Freedom
2. Eleggua 03:42
3. Land
4. Seeds To The Vine
5. Middle Eastern Blues
6. Elusive Sand
7. What The World Needs Now
8. Harmony
9. Land of the Peaceful
10. Ju/Ru Music
11. My Beloved Where Are You
12. Betrayed
13. Mother Nature
14. Salvadorian Funk

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